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Sponsored by The Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund,  established in loving memory of a cancer dog named, "Grizz".  A sweet Siberian Husky who at the age of 10 developed a fibrosarcoma which first took his leg and eventually his life, but not without a fight by his adoring family, Jo and Barry Helms. 

The Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund is a 501c3 research and treatment fund established at The University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI.


"I have created this site as a resource for cancer pet owners on available trials and treatments all over the country.  We will also include articles or links to articles written by some of the top authorities in the country. The information you will find is being relayed via this site both with permission of and assistance from The UW-SVM Oncology Department along with Victoria Brown Barquero, CanineCancerAwareness support group and founder of The Perseus Foundation.  Please refer to the authors on all materials posted on this site for questions and remember copyrights laws.  We will do our best to keep you up to date on all the latest news, research and discoveries in the battle against this crushing disease.

The journey with cancer, whether it is with your beloved pet or a human family member or friend, is not an easy one.  It can be very overwhelming and frightening.  We will also place links on this site which will lead you to caring and compassionate support groups to help you to know that you are not alone......................

If you would like to read more about our journey and Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage, please click on the link to the right side of this page...."  

Jo Helms

Author of "Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage", with ALL proceeds donated to help fight canine cancer.     

Fight back against this killer !!

All proceeds from this book are going to help fight companion animal cancer.

Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage.
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To educate and bring to light information regarding cancer in companion animals.  We hope to provide you with as much information as we can and as quickly as we can, along with links to companion animal treatment centers throughout the United States.



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Thanks to:

The University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine/Oncology Department...Madison, WI

Canine Cancer Awareness groups at Yahoo.com , and Victoria Brown Barquero, Founder of The Perseus Foundation

The Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund, Jo Helms-Founder and author of Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage.

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